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Gum disease – A brief introduction for medical practiotners

Kuldip Singh Sangha¶®, Supriya mishra ‡®,Vaibhaw tiwari §®
Department Of Periodontology Government Dental College Raipur,
¶ Assistant Professor Department Of Periodontology, ‡Resident Department Of Periodontology, §Reader Department Of Periodontology


Gums carry our complex molecular, cellular and immunological functions. They are at the forefront of multiple assaults in the oral cavity like physical, chemical and biological. Oral cavity plays an important role in multiple functions of our body, the structural and functional integrity of which is dependent on the teeth. The effect of physical, chemical, biological and immunological challenges to gums is not limited to the local tissue. Severe gum disease-periodontitis in which there is loss of both hard and soft tissue supporting the tooth is known to have a bidirectional relationship with other systemic diseases.

Key Words

Gums, Periodontitis

Prenatal Diagnosis in Sickle Cell Disease-insights

Arvind Neral1, Sumeet Tripathi2,
1 Director General Sickle Cell Institute, Pt.J.N.M.Medical College, Raipur (C.G.), 2 Associate Professor, Department of Physiology, CIMS, Bilaspur (C.G.).


Sickle Cell Disease is common in many parts of India and particularly in Chhattisgarh. Early diagnosis and care is the cornerstone of management of Sickle Cell Disease in susceptible populations. Modern methods allow diagnosis of the disease during pregnancy. In this paper the authors have reviewed methods of prenatal diagnosis of sickle cell disease.

Key Words

Sickle Cell Disease, Prenatal Diagnosis

Foreign Body Ingestion in Children

Rimjhim Shrivastava
Consultant Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Raipur Chhattisgarh


Foreign body ingestion and its impaction are not uncommon in young children. This is a case study the author describes a case where a 5 rupee coin was impacted in laryngeal area in a 5 year old child.

Key Words

Foreign Body Ingestion, Endoscopic Removal

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